takayama SAKANA

Fine dining of selected seasonal ingredients and the highest quality of Hida beef can be enjoyed in a peaceful location.

Sakana Restaurant in Takayama serves seasonal cuisine. Most of dishes are made from local products such as highly acclaimed Hida-Beef, also we go into the mountains by ourselves to get wild ingredients. In this diary, I'd like to make some notes of seasonal food and scenes of Hida area.

Charcoal grilled mushrooms

As the summery days continued until late this year, we didn't expected much to find any mushrooms, but we did in the high mountains! Wild Maitake mushroom (Grifola frondosa) is very valuable. We were so lucky and glad to find many of them …

Creamed Akayamadori mushroom (Japanese porcini)

This mushroom is better cooked with butter, rather than Japanese dashi or soy sauce. Creamy white sauce Sauteed mushroom Lightly sauteed asparagus Bright yellow coulour comes from Akayamadori mushroom. by Kay

Mushroom season has begun!

We went to mushroom picking for the first time in this season. Air is still quite hot, not cool enough for most of mushrooms. But luckily we found some in three different kind in three different point. The picture above is Black Maitake wh…

Wild Eel

This year, we purchased blue eel caught in brackish water from a supplier in Okayama Prefecture. It's hard to find natural eel caught in Hida area. My personal opinion, the “blue eel” grown in brackish water has good taste which are; * Not…

Fish bone sake (Kotsuzake)

The fish bone sake made with a native Iwana (char) is stronger in flavor and taste. We use freshly caught Iwana that are carefully baked in a distant fire for almost 1 hour, so there is no unpleasant smell. It's really delicious because wh…

Cold smoked rainbow trout

This raibow is grown in clear spring water so its flesh is good enough to eat raw as sashimi. Beautiful fillet with bones removed. Soaked in aromatic brine. Cold smoked wiht hickory chip. Voila! by Kay

Hot smoked Amago (red spotted masu trout)

Use live amago (River fish is important for freshness!) Amago that has been cleaned.(the internal organs, gills) The Amago are tied with a string and dried well in summer breeze.It is a season when the river fish become delicious. Because …

Confit de Ayu

Superfresh Ayu can be cooked in many different ways. We've tried low temperature cooking in rice oil that is not traditional way of Japanese cooking. Take fish gills and intestines off with sticks. This method is called 'Tsubo-nuki'. Brine…

Tempura of daylily buds

Daylily is very common flower in summer. The flower buds become nice tempura. It has unuique texture, crispy and sticky at the same time. by Kay

Juneberry gelato

There are two Juneberry tree in SAKANA's garden. Birds and us were racing to get the fruits this year. We've got enough berries to make gelato. Nicely chilled summer dessert. by Kay

Arrow ginger

Pickled arrow ginger called 'Hajikami' is common garnish for grilled fish. White root become pale pink when it's soaked in sweet vineger. by Kay

Over night dried Ayu

We Japanese love sun-dried fish which has full of 'UMAMI'. Open up and clean super fresh Ayu. Soak the Ayu in our original saumur. Ready to grill! by Kay

Ayu fishing has started.

Live decoy fishing for Ayu has started from end of June. These photos were taken about 10 days ago. Now we are ready to serve SAKANA's Summer menu! by Kay

Wild watercress

I was surprise to see those wild watercress which is native to the hidden swamp. We stopped by this quiet hidden place, when we went to Iwana-fishing. Wild watercress have stronger bitterness. Clean water supplies fresh and delicious natur…

Summer began!

Neatly planted rice in the paddy field. Iwas relieved that the rainy season this year was not severe this area. by Kay

SAKANA original Hida Beef Curry

Our original beef curry is made of 100% A5 grade Hida beef. It's popular for gift and Souvenir. 100% A5 grade Hida beef stock And vegetable stock The curry sauce is very mild, not over powering the taste of Hida Beef. (For me who used to …


Samilar to Salmom, Sakura-masu swin up a river from the sea to spawn in Spring when cherry blossoms bloom. So we call this fish Sakura-masu (cherry trout). Marinated in Yuan sause (Sweet soy). Yuan grilled Sakura-masu This brining fillets …

Fried Iwana (char) marinated in vinegar sauce

The owner chef did some fishing on the Lake Arimine, where we went to pick wild vegetables the other day. He caught some Iwana (chars). Good fat Iwana. Jucicy fatty meat. We made fried Iwana marinated in vinegar sauce with wild-veg. Voila!…

One last chance for wild-veg picking

We visited high mountain at the border between Gifu and Toyama for wild-veg picking. This must be the last chance in this year. The green get deeper and deeper. We found a huge horse chestnut tree. It seems that two hundred years old. Some…

Hoba wrapped rice ball

The Hoba (Magnolia)leaf has a bactericidal effect so that local people used this leaf to pack their lunch in old days. The flavor of fresh green leave transfers to the rice ball. Dead leaf is used Hoba-miso grill. The leaf is relatively f…

Bracken sprouts

Bracken sprouts are well known wild vegetable in Japan. Generally, salted or boild in brine products are sold, but by the time you cook them in your kitchen, most flavour and texture has been lost. These fresh braken sprouts are lightly bo…

Cooking bamboo shoots

The bamboo shoots cooked in delicate dashi-soup. Lightly blanched and then cooled down for peeling off the skin. Beautiful fresh green appears. Stewed in dashi-soup with fresh Japanese pepper leaves. Another way of cooking is just simply g…

Bamboo shoots picking

Chishima bamboo is very popular spring food of local folks, and .....bears. Crawling in the ocean of bamboo is tough exercise. Our rucksack became awfully heavy filled with the bamboo shoots. Hope our hard work will be paid off by the gues…

SAKANA was published in Michelin-Tokai

2019 Michelin Guide Tokai (Aoi, Gifu, Mie) edition was introduced today. We are very grateful to the customers who have supported us so far, and to the blessings of Hida's rich nature. by Kay

Wild veg picking

This miniature palm trees look-like vegetable called Momiji-kasa (maple leaf umbrella). People say it's queen of wild-veg. Udo is very popluar and farmed ones are sold in the market, but wild ones have much stronger flavour. The texture is…

Cold smoked trout

Rainbow trouts grown in spring water stream. Juicy fatty fillet. Brining the fillets with herbs and spices. Curing the fillets. Smoked with oak chips. Voila! by Kay

Wild Wasabi Flower

We climed up 1 kilo meters up in a mountian to get wild wasabi flower and ostrich fern sprouts. The snow still remains here and there. Pretty white flowers were blooming along the river. Young wasabi leaves has a slight sweetness and refre…

Season of wild vegetables

Tara-no-me (Aralia elata) Koshiabura(Acanthopanax sciadophylloides) Kogomi(Ostrich fern shoot) Spring shoots and buds are sprouting everywhere. We go out the fields and mountains to pick them for the menu. Wild garlic Wild vegetables …

Looking the cherry blossoms of over the counter

A cherry tree just outside of the window is in full bloom. The guests enjoy Yozakura, the illuminated cherry blossom in the evening. It's fantastic! by Kay

Many thanks for choosing SAKANA - from Australia

This lovely couple from Australia just got engaged!They enjoyed our Omakase course. The chef made special Sashimi with rockfish for their happy event. A rockfish from Yoyama bay. by Kay