takayama SAKANA

Fine dining of selected seasonal ingredients and the highest quality of Hida beef can be enjoyed in a peaceful location.

Sakana Restaurant in Takayama serves seasonal cuisine. Most of dishes are made from local products such as highly acclaimed Hida-Beef, also we go into the mountains by ourselves to get wild ingredients. In this diary, I'd like to make some notes of seasonal food and scenes of Hida area.

Spring scene

Cherry blossoms in Gero area

Iwataro Sakura, well known a weeping cherry in Gero. Gero is popular hot spring bath spot to the south of Takayama. It was summer like weather and the cherry trees in this area bloomed in full. Iwataro Sakura spread its branches and made s…

Takayama Festival - Spring

I dropped in at Takayama town centre to see the Spring festival. The decorated festival floats were displayed in the streets. The streets were unusually crowded with the people from everywhere in the world. and photographers...... Cherry b…

Cooking a wild char

Freshly caught river fish (char) cooked with Namban style. (deep fried and soaked in vinegar sauce) A good size of wild char has caught by the owner chef. Super fresh. Early spring vegetables Marinade with vinegar and vegetables. by Kay

Signs of Spring - Shirawaka village

Thawing season came to Shirakawa village too early this year, tourists who were looking forward to the snow was disappointed, however the villagers welcomed the Spring. Maintenance of thatched roof. The rising smoke naturally fumes the tha…

Signs of Spring

We had less snow this winter and signs of spring shows three weeks earlier than usual. Fukinoto (butterbur buds), one of popular adible wild vegetable, were shooting out from where the snow is melting. by Kay

Little mountain flowers

Pretty little flowers around the Lake Arimine

Camping in the lake Arimine - 2

A fun part of camping is open air cooking. We brought some food and drinks from our home and procure some stuff from natural resource. We made Hoba wrapped Hida-beef steak. Adding a little twist of natural flavour made big difference, even…

Camping in the lake Arimine - 1

Looking for the last of the last wild vegetable, we went camping at Toyama Pref's Lake Amemine. Leaving Takayama at 4 in the morning. The gate at the site opens at 6 am. As soon as we reached at the lake side, the master started to fishing…

Little mountain flowers

Tiny flowers are blooming in the mountain. They seemed enjoying raindrops. by Kay

The end of season

As hot weather is crawling up, we had to climbed up even higher to higher altitude point to pick up wild veg. This will be the last chance in this season. Wild bracken shoot Wild garlic has grown up and the flower are about to bloom. Naruk…

Hida mountains in Spring

White snow turned into green as getting wamer, the snow melting water is yet too cold to jump in. Mountains are covered with young and fresh greens.

Along the stream

Many eadible plants are found along the clear stream in the mountains. Itadori (Japanese knotweed) good for stew, tempura Udo (English name not known). One of popular Spring vegetable, but truly wild Udo has much stronger fragrance and har…

Wild Wasabi

We went into deep in a mountain for more wild plants. Wild wasabi flower was blooming along the clear stream of water. The master said that Spring is not the best season for wasabi roots. Winter is the best season for wasabi that has rich …

Sprouts sprouts sprouts!

We went to wild plants picking to the fields and mountains. Koshiabura-shoot Warabi (bracken) shoots Kogomi (fern) shoots We love these soft shoots and sprouts flavours and textures in different way of cooking. Eating these wild vegs, just…

Still in bloom!

The weeping cherry tree at SAKANA is showing off its beauty. Sakura-watch at bar counter can be enjoyed until next week (hopfully), some seats are still available. by Kay

Many thanks for choosing SAKANA -from From Belgium

This cheerful family came to SAKANA to celebrate birthday for one of their family member. After they enjoyed Hida beef steak course, they moved to the bar counter for more drinks. The cherry blossom just out side of the window was in full …

Spring in Takayama Town Centre

I saw cherry blossoms everywhere as I was walking in Takayama Town centre. by Kay


Late Spring has arrived at Takayama. Many kinds of trees started to bloom at SAKANA's premise. These photos were taken few days ago. Now the weeping cherry out side the window is in half bloom, will be full in few days. Common cherry has a…