takayama SAKANA

Fine dining of selected seasonal ingredients and the highest quality of Hida beef can be enjoyed in a peaceful location.

Sakana Restaurant in Takayama serves seasonal cuisine. Most of dishes are made from local products such as highly acclaimed Hida-Beef, also we go into the mountains by ourselves to get wild ingredients. In this diary, I'd like to make some notes of seasonal food and scenes of Hida area.

Strawberry ice cream


I remember that strawberry is one of Summer fruits in Britain. But in Japan, strawberry is on the market in Winter to early Spring. 



Strawberry and cream mixture will be frozen for pacojet to make the texture more smooth. 


Simple but full of fresh strawberry. Not too sweet and a dush of liqueur not over powering the strawberry flavour. This little dessert is not for the kids. 

by Kay