takayama SAKANA

Fine dining of selected seasonal ingredients and the highest quality of Hida beef can be enjoyed in a peaceful location.

Sakana Restaurant in Takayama serves seasonal cuisine. Most of dishes are made from local products such as highly acclaimed Hida-Beef, also we go into the mountains by ourselves to get wild ingredients. In this diary, I'd like to make some notes of seasonal food and scenes of Hida area.

Spring surprise -shiitake mushroom


It's been three years since the owner chef had buried Shiitake fungi in oak and chestnut log on the premise of SAKANA but we couldn't get any Shiitake mushroom for two year then we've almost forgotten.

When we looked into the place to see if any wild plant were growing, we found that Shiitake mushrooms grew. 




There were some giantic ones.

We picked up big ones, exposed them to the sun for a day, and cooked it at the restaurant.



Shiitake mushroom that grown on the log have much more flavor and aroma than those grown on sawdust bed.





Grilled then seasoned with soy sauce-based broth.

A delicious dish that goes well with sake full flavour of shiitake mushrooms!

by Kay