takayama SAKANA

Fine dining of selected seasonal ingredients and the highest quality of Hida beef can be enjoyed in a peaceful location.

Sakana Restaurant in Takayama serves seasonal cuisine. Most of dishes are made from local products such as highly acclaimed Hida-Beef, also we go into the mountains by ourselves to get wild ingredients. In this diary, I'd like to make some notes of seasonal food and scenes of Hida area.

What is the best way to eat HIDA beef?



WAGYU is well known for beautifle marble fat which called 'Sashi' and Hida-beef is one of the top quarity of the 'Sashi'. We offer three different ways to taste this highest A5 grade meat; simply Steak, or juicy Sukiyaki, or healthy Shabu-Shabu.

As I have been away from Japan for many years, eating A5 grade wagyu (especially sirloin) steak feels bit like drinking fat. It certainly melts in your mouth so, if you like the richness of the fat, you will love it. But I personelly prefer dry aged Angus beef for simple steak. 

Sukiyaki is fine with Sakana-style which means that using a stone-pan with our original sukiyaki-sauce and dashi-stock, and the owner chef cooks for you for perfection. Melting fat in the sukiyaki-sauce will make even better tast when he cooks vegtables after the meats. It still quite rich for me....


My number one favourite way to eat Hida-beef is Shabu-Shabu!!! Tenderness and mildness of Hida-beef stands out in this way (though it's just my personal view). I can taste of the meat when the marble fat has shurnk away in the delicate stock and still can taste sweetness of the fat. (don't shake the slice of the meat too much, 2-3 flip will be enough to shake off the fat). Dipping Ponzu-sauce refreshes your tongue and dipping seasame sauce for a change. Like sukiyaki, you can put veges, mushrooms and tofu in the pot which filled with juicy beef flavour. 



So far, my winner of the best way to taste Hida-beef is  Shabu-shabu. (and it's most healthy way to eat rich beef)

Hope you will like it too.

by Kay