takayama SAKANA

Fine dining of selected seasonal ingredients and the highest quality of Hida beef can be enjoyed in a peaceful location.

Sakana Restaurant in Takayama serves seasonal cuisine. Most of dishes are made from local products such as highly acclaimed Hida-Beef, also we go into the mountains by ourselves to get wild ingredients. In this diary, I'd like to make some notes of seasonal food and scenes of Hida area.

Summer food

Smoked (red spotted) trout

An over 12 inches plump trout grown in the clear stream of the Hida mountain. Soak in Sakana's original special brine. Dry in the air. Smoke the trouts in a hand made wooden smoker. Soft and moist Ready to go! by Kay

Wild Eel

This year, we purchased blue eel caught in brackish water from a supplier in Okayama Prefecture. It's hard to find natural eel caught in Hida area. My personal opinion, the “blue eel” grown in brackish water has good taste which are; * Not…

Cold smoked rainbow trout

This raibow is grown in clear spring water so its flesh is good enough to eat raw as sashimi. Beautiful fillet with bones removed. Soaked in aromatic brine. Cold smoked wiht hickory chip. Voila! by Kay

Hot smoked Amago (red spotted masu trout)

Use live amago (River fish is important for freshness!) Amago that has been cleaned.(the internal organs, gills) The Amago are tied with a string and dried well in summer breeze.It is a season when the river fish become delicious. Because …

Confit de Ayu

Superfresh Ayu can be cooked in many different ways. We've tried low temperature cooking in rice oil that is not traditional way of Japanese cooking. Take fish gills and intestines off with sticks. This method is called 'Tsubo-nuki'. Brine…

Tempura of daylily buds

Daylily is very common flower in summer. The flower buds become nice tempura. It has unuique texture, crispy and sticky at the same time. by Kay

Juneberry gelato

There are two Juneberry tree in SAKANA's garden. Birds and us were racing to get the fruits this year. We've got enough berries to make gelato. Nicely chilled summer dessert. by Kay

Arrow ginger

Pickled arrow ginger called 'Hajikami' is common garnish for grilled fish. White root become pale pink when it's soaked in sweet vineger. by Kay

Over night dried Ayu

We Japanese love sun-dried fish which has full of 'UMAMI'. Open up and clean super fresh Ayu. Soak the Ayu in our original saumur. Ready to grill! by Kay

Ayu fishing has started.

Live decoy fishing for Ayu has started from end of June. These photos were taken about 10 days ago. Now we are ready to serve SAKANA's Summer menu! by Kay

Wild watercress

I was surprise to see those wild watercress which is native to the hidden swamp. We stopped by this quiet hidden place, when we went to Iwana-fishing. Wild watercress have stronger bitterness. Clean water supplies fresh and delicious natur…

Cold smoked trout

Rainbow trouts grown in spring water stream. Juicy fatty fillet. Brining the fillets with herbs and spices. Curing the fillets. Smoked with oak chips. Voila! by Kay

Sakana original hot green pepper paste

'Kara-kara namban' is the name of our original hot green pepper paste (registered trade mark). The main ingredient is 'Ajime-kosho (ajime-pepper)' which is special chili pepper of Hida. Ajime kosho is long thin shape chili and has sharp ho…

Binged on Ayu

The owner chef and his friend went on fishing Ayu and they had a good catch! Aren't they beautiful? We prepared the fish on the skewers and grilled on charcoal fire slowly..... Slowly...... And we celebrated for the large catch of Ayu unti…

Sukuna squash - special product of Takayama

This huge long squash is one of the special product of Hida Takayama (Nyukawa town). Sukuna squash have higher suger content then the other kinds. Simmered squash. Takami corn. Mixed squash and corn deep fried in tempura batter. Yummy! by …

Hida peach

Hida peach is not sold outside of Hida region because of less crop yeilds, but it’s very tasty. Peel peaches after steeping them in boiling water. Cook the peaches with special syrup in vaccume sealed bag. Cool them down. Cool and refreshi…

Many thanks for choosing SAKANA - from France

This foodie couple from Paris came to SAKANA on their hoenymoon trip in Japan. They told me that the reason they chose SAKANA was on a guid book issued in France which is 'Peiti Futé'.(please find the link below) https://www.petitfute.com/…

Eating Ayu

The most popular way to eat Ayu is grill with salt and it's one of the most popular dish of our Seasonal Omakase (tasting) Course. To the customers who love Ayu, we may offer over-night dried or deep fried Ayu additionally. As Ayu is calle…

Summer Vegetables of Hida

Local farmers product are found on the market every morning in this season. From the left in clockwise;courgette, aubergine, white gourd (melon), runner beans, okura. Chilled assorted summer vegetales is on our menu. by Kay

Home made Gelato

There are three Juneberry trees in the premises of SAKANA. The trees bore a lot of fruits this year. Adding a little yoghurt and we made gelato style dessert using pacojet. It's nice refreshing summer dessert. by Kay

Overnight dried Ayu

The chef decided to make dried Ayu with little ones. It give the fish flesh different, even savory flavour once t's dried overnight. Cut and open the fish. Dry them in a net and hang it under the sun. Dried just overnight. Grill to eat! Th…

River fish season has come

The owner chef went fishing for wild Ayu (sweetfish) with live decoys as the closed season ended. A group of Ayu. The territory keeper. Today's catch! From June to September is the season of the river fish. Salted grilled Ayu is the most p…