takayama SAKANA

Fine dining of selected seasonal ingredients and the highest quality of Hida beef can be enjoyed in a peaceful location.

Sakana Restaurant in Takayama serves seasonal cuisine. Most of dishes are made from local products such as highly acclaimed Hida-Beef, also we go into the mountains by ourselves to get wild ingredients. In this diary, I'd like to make some notes of seasonal food and scenes of Hida area.

The peak of mushrooms!


Varieties of mushroom are poping up from moist soil. The owner chef is also mushroom master of mushroom. He knows which ones are edible and how to cook them.


Oomurasaki-anzu-take goof for marinade with sweet vinegar, or stew.

f:id:takayama-sakana:20180927105144j:plainShogenji, local falks call it drumstick mushroom. Nice to cook with miso.


Hana-iguchi is good for Nabe hot pot. It becomes soft and melting in the mouth.


Numeri-sasa-take is very tasty in the hot pot dishes.



Ami-take will be nice in miso-soup.


Nise-murasaki-abura-shimeji. Despite the bright colour, its taste is delicate and good for clear soup and dobin-mushi (steamed dish).



Kurokawa has bit of bitterness and it become very good delicacy which goes well with sake. 

Mushroom lovers are enjoying mushroom full course at SAKANA.

by Kay