takayama SAKANA

Fine dining of selected seasonal ingredients and the highest quality of Hida beef can be enjoyed in a peaceful location.

Sakana Restaurant in Takayama serves seasonal cuisine. Most of dishes are made from local products such as highly acclaimed Hida-Beef, also we go into the mountains by ourselves to get wild ingredients. In this diary, I'd like to make some notes of seasonal food and scenes of Hida area.

Aroma of the Sea


There is no dietary habit of eating seaweeds in western countires, so it may sound weired for most of them that Japanese people enjoy various 'sea vegetables'. But nowadays, many western people knows that 'Nori' and 'Kombu' are essential for 'Sushi roll' and 'Dashi-stock'.

Spring is the best time to eat fresh sea plants. We can find various sea plants in the market.


The chef made seaweed paste and blended with soy sauce.



This seaweed flavour soy sauce brings sashimi to aroma of ocean. 


Other paste used for pan-fried fish. We got very good Mutsu-fish (a kind of sea bass) and served our customer with this green sauce.





We also add some sea flavour to Hotaru-Ika (Firefly squid) which is also known as Spring delicacies of Tomaya. 

These dishes have been popular for Japanese and Asian customers.

by Kay